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Personal Philosophy

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In Alabama and the Federal judicial system, many people may feel overlooked, mistreated, or like they are just another name on a docket. For many prisoners, your incarceration number may feel like your only identity. I want to help you overcome that feeling! 

My legal representation begins by trying to get to know each of my clients individually. This extra work can make a difference in the outcome in the work I do. Whether it is before the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles or even in civil rights lawsuits. As the client, YOU and your concerns are my first priority. I work hard to ensure that your monetary situation does not prevent you from obtaining passionate representation.

My passion for the legal field comes from a strong belief that I can help get my clients justice no matter the odds. This philosophy was shaped by my time working as an intern in a public defender's office, my studies at the University of Alabama where I received a Public Interest Certificate, and the several years of work that I have done with individuals who are incarcerated,  people who are facing serious criminal charges, or individuals having to fight against people who have violated their rights.

I take my job extremely seriously and hope that you will consider hiring me to work as the Attorney for you or your loved one today!

I am licensed in Alabama, the Northern District of Alabama, the Middle District of Alabama, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. Our Office is based in Birmingham, Alabama, but I practice throughout the entire State.